The first U.S. co-operative was organized in New York City in the 1880’s. In 1920, Edmund J. Flynn introduced co-operative ownership to Washington area residents. Since then, more than 130 co-ops have been established in the D.C. metro area representing well over 13,000 apartment homes and townhouses. Co-operatives are a more familiar form of ownership in highly urban locations. New York, Chicago and D.C. are some cities where co-ops have flourished for decades.

From its beginning, the Edmund J. Flynn Company has been true to its heritage by maintaining a close identity with and support of co-operative ownership.
Although some of its real estate services have changed over the years, the Flynn Company continues to provide settlement services to co-op buyers as well as Transfer Agent services to most of the co-operatives located in the Washington DC metropolitan area. As Transfer Agent, the Flynn Company prepares and maintains the ownership records on behalf of the co-operative corporation.

Today, as always, the Edmund J. Flynn Company is ready to render its expert services to co-operative associations as well as to co-op owners and buyers alike.

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