A Transfer Agent serves as the custodian of the Cooperative’s membership records. As the Cooperative's Transfer Agent, Board members and the management company are relieved from the task of preparing, processing and distributing the paperwork involved in the transfer of ownership (resulting from sales, marriage, divorces, estates, trusts, name changes, and the like) .

Our Transfer Agent Service is a unique service which the Flynn Company performs for numerous area cooperatives in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

We work for and on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative. No ownership documents are prepared, altered or completed without first obtaining the Board's written approval.

We can provide the Board with various informational reports as well as provide the Board and owners with much needed technical support in connection with name changes, lost ownership documents, transfers to estates and trusts.

Having a Transfer Agent handle the paperwork incidental to a change of ownership in no way usurps any of the Board's prerogatives.

Our duties and responsibilities as Transfer Agent are more fully described in our Transfer Agent Service Agreement. For more information and our Transfer Agent Services, please contact our office at 202-537-1800 or by email: transfers@edmundjflynn.com

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